8 Tips for Applying Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is very important part of makeup which people often observe first of all. Good eye makeup makes your personality more charming and beautiful. In this article we tell you the 8 most simple and common steps for applying perfect eye makeup.

8 Tips for Applying Eye Makeup

1. Prepare Your Eyes with Concealer

Concealer is used to hide the circles under the eyes or the bluish spots under your inner eye. To hide dark circles under the eyes, put three dots (at the inner corner, under the pupil and on the outer edge) of concealer under your each eye and rub it until the concealer vanishes.

2. Apply Eyeshadow Primer to Your Lid

Eyeshadow primer is the key to maintain your shade in position for a long time. If your eyeshadow finishes up an oily pool in your wrinkle, you should spend money on a good eyeshadow primer.

3. Follow with Eyeliner

Liquid liners or an eye pencil could be used, but dark eyeshadows as eyeliners are better. Soaked an angled brush and then plunge in a dark eyeshadow. Draw lines around the eyes as near to the upper lashes as you possibly can from the internal part to the external part. Adhere to with liner on lower eyes, but just line from the center of the eye out. Smear the lower line with a cotton buds or your finger. You do not need a visible line.

4. Apply Eyeshadow

It is excellent to use a three-toned shade and put up from lids to brow. Permitting them to combine into each other like a rainbow is stunning. Begin with a mild shade that almost suits your lid. Sweep the colour all around the lid and up to your brow bone. Comply with a medium shade around your lid only. Build on this with a bright shade in the wrinkle. Mix the colours well.

5. Brighten Your Eyes with a Highlighter

This phase just includes the inner part of the eye. Placing a bit of your light most eyeshadow in the internal area of your eye will lighten up it considerably.

6. Highlight Your Brow

Take the same mild eyeshadow and apply it on your brow bone, paying attention on your mid-brow outward. Combine with your finger.

7. Curl Lashes

An eyelash curler will make smooth long eyelashes look more beautiful. For getting more result, you can heat up the curler under a blow dryer for few seconds. Make an experiment before applying curler on eyelashes because it could burn you.

8. Apply Mascara

Put the rod of your mascara brush at the base of eyelashes and move it back to and fro. Repeat it for few sweeps of the rod. Put on lower lashes also.

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The Importance of Powder in Makeup

Powder is used to get rid of some of the wetness that the skin has and to set the cosmetics without a doubt so if your skin experiences slightly wet from the moisturiser, the serums, the BB cream or the foundation that you might use those are all soaked items so your skin does experience slightly wet and you need to get ready the area for blush.

The Importance of Powder in Makeup

Thus by using powder, you suck up some of that wetness permitting the skin to be entirely soft and have an awesome area for use of any shade to adhere to. So if you do not use powder after your foundation, your blush or bronzer can look very streaky so that assists truly set the wetness of the skin and permit an awesome dry area to implement shade.

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8 Simple Ways of Professional Pedicure by Yourself

A process which is applied on the feet and toenails for beauty purposes is called pedicure. This is a simple process which you can perform yourself easily at your home. You don’t need to go salon and spend much time and money for this purpose. We guide you for getting the perfect pedicure in just eight simple steps.

8 Simple Ways of Professional Pedicure by Yourself

1. Remove Polish

In the beginning, you need to remove the old nail polish from your toenails. You can use cotton balls or cotton pad for removing polish. Lint-free cotton pad is better than cotton balls which can save you from fuzzies. Rub off the old polish with saturated cotton pad. If the color does not detach easily, soaked the cotton completely with polish remover and push it on the toenail for few seconds.

2. Cut and File Nails

Choose high quality clippers for cutting toenails. Cut nails directly across to just above the skin for the prevention of ingrown nails. Ensure that your nail does not expand over the tip of your toe. Use nail file in single way to get a soft square shape until they are smooth and a little bit curved at the sides.

3. Wet Your Feet

Take a large bowl and fill it with hot water. Throw your bath salts in it and dip your feet for 10 minutes. This duration should be increased if you have more cracks and callous on your feet.

4. Remove Cuticles

Apply cuticle remover on the root of each nail and Leave it for sixty seconds. Then softly push cuticles with a pusher in a circular motion all over where skin meets the nail.

5. Scrub Your Feet

Put scrub on a foot file or wet pumice stone for getting smoothness from the dead skin on your feet. You need to clean the balls, base of feet, sides of your heels and area around the toes.

6. Moisturise

Completely dry your feet as well as between the toes and apply a dense moisturiser or foot cream. And then massage your feet and the calves with it.

7. Apply Polish on Toes

Now you need to apply a skinny base coat with 3 swings, one down the center and then one on each end. Do not put the polish on cuticles. Wait for sixty seconds before applying 2 layers of your favorite polish and then finish with a fine top layer. If you feel any extra oil on your nails then you can use acetone remover before applying polish.

8. Finish Your Pedicure

After drying your nails, definitely you can go all out and spray with a moisturising oil. This fixes your polish and moisturises your cuticles.

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How to Protect Your Manicure

After spending your time and money on a manicure, you need to protect it. We would not like to get manicures before learning the techniques to retain it for a long time. Following tips can help you a lot…

How to Protect Your Manicure

  1. A new run of topcoat on alternate days on your manicure will keep the polish from cracking.
  2. In the case of cracked polish, nail buffer is the best thing. Fix a crack by levelling the tattered edges with a buffer. Fill up in the crack with polish. Put a coat on the whole nail after drying it.
  3. Do not use a file on nails after taking bath, when they are too soft. File in the single way only to stop tears.
  4. For obstinate polish that spots, push down the cotton on the nail for numerous seconds before cleaning off. Do not be parsimonious with the nail polish remover. The more cleanser you have on the cotton, the simpler it will be to eliminate.
  5. Wear rubber gloves while cleaning and gardening.
  6. If you experience from dry cuticles, you should require cuticle oil or cream in your bag or on your table at all times. Cuticle oils are generally more efficient than creams.
  7. Are you a nail-biter? If you are, then perform the process of manicure every week for 12 weeks. If you can do it to 12 weeks, you would not chew your nails. It affects all and you will think twice because of the price of getting nails done.

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How to Perform Manicure at Home

Why we use money on every new process of manicure after every few weeks when you can do it yourself at home. People observe your manicure. It’s a reality that you try to keep in mind at all times because if you don’t care you’ll end up with finger nails at five different lengths and a hangnail or two. Below we are providing you all our preferred guidelines and techniques for getting the best manicure at home.

How to Perform Manicure at Home

  1. The best form of nail is not short or long or square, it’s “squoval” — not completely square and not completely oval. Get the look yourself by the filing nails into a form that mirrors the curve of your nail base.
  2. To make sure your nails are the same length after filing, line each nail up with its corresponding.
  3. Do not shake the bottle of nail polish, instead move it between your hands. This combines the polish without causing air bubbles.
  4. Clean the nails before polishing, dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover and run across nails. This will get rid of any extra oils or soap which could be the reason of shedding once polish is applied.
  5. One way for putting nail polish: Take the brush between the thumb and midst finger whereas relaxing your index finger on the top of the cap.
  6. Put skinny layers for getting best results. Start with a skinny layer of basecoat, then put a skinny layer of polish down the middle then one on the left and one on the right. After the first layer gets dry for a few moments, do it again, then comply with a skinny layer of topcoat.
  7. Once your process of manicure is finish, run an orangewood stick immersed in nail polish cleanser along both sides of nail to fix any errors.

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