5 Steps of Trimming Your Own Long Hair

This is an amazing technique I discovered for trimming lengthy hair all by yourself. I have been trimming my own long locks for about twelve months now, and I really like it. Additionally, it helps you to save quite a bit of money based on how often you get a cut. Keep in mind that this technique is best suitable for straight & thin hair, not suggested for curly hair.

And it is not a hard & fast rule of getting best results, but with a little good care you get your locks awesome and straight.

5 Steps of Trimming Your Own Long Hair

Step 1: Things You Required

  • A scrunchie
  • A pair of hairdressing scissors
  • A brush
  • A hand held mirror

Ensure that the scrunchie is made from a smooth fabric, something that holds the locks can certainly turn this into challenging. Also ensure that you are using the right scissors – scissors that you would use for cutting random things around the house are not perfect. You can get some awesome hairdressing scissors from any drugstore.

I love to cut my locks right after I have cleaned it and it is completely dry. You need your hair to be dry and totally without any tangles when you cut it.

It is also a great thinking (especially the very first time you do this) to use a hand-held mirror and large wall mirror so that you can see how what you are doing in the back.

Step 2: Part Your Hair and Make a Low Ponytail

Part your hair as you normally would. It is essential to part your locks as you normally would – if you brush it all back, it would not fall as it normally does. After you trim and detach the scrunchie, it will be the farthest factor from straight when it is parted again. If you do not part your locks normally, you might need to perform around with using a center part. I think that may be the more secure.

Then tie your locks into a low ponytail with the help of scrunchie – right at the top of your neck. Ensure that this is in the center of your head. Use your hand mirror to check it.

Step 3: Pull the Scrunchie Down Your Hair

Carefully take the scrunchie down the length of your hair, being cautious to not take it to one side. This can take a reasonable bit of exercise. Keep verifying with the hand mirror as you go.

If you have special lengthy hair, you might want to take from the end. This technique is a little more difficult but it is possible. Keep 3-4 inches of locks below the scrunchie.

Step 4: Bring the Scrunchie around the Front and Cut

Grasp the scrunchie and the locks below the scrunchie strongly and carefully carry it around to the front. If you feeling that it is moved, you might need to provide it another go. The hair that you will be trimming should look fairly straight across – though not ideal because locks are always growing at different speed.

An excellent principle here is to trim very little at a time, half inch tops. That way you can examine it in the mirror to ensure that you have done it right before you continue. Grasp the ends of your locks strongly between two fingertips and cut straight across.

5 Steps of Trimming Your Own Long Hair_1

Step 5: Softening the Cut Ends

Once you have cut your ends straight across, you might grasp the scissors vertically and make little snips. This softens the bluntness of the cut and can also cover up little errors. And you are done!

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Properly Cut Your Toenails

Trimming toenails can stop them from growing too long, becoming ingrown or causing pain in walking. The ingrown nails curve and grow into the skin, which lead to pain and possible infections. Adopting the right cutting process may help you keep away from the unpleasant feet condition.

Properly Cut Your Toenails

Step 1

Wash the feet and dry them completely before cutting your toenails. The washing will make your nail less weak, easier and far better to cut.

Step 2

Choose the proper tool for the cutting of your toenails, such as nail clippers or manicure scissors. Using other sharp trimming instruments is too risky – for example razor blades, knives or regular scissors – to cut your toenails because the instrument may slide and harm the skin around the nail.

Step 3

Cut the nail straight across. The experts warning against rounding the nail’s ends or trimming the edges at an angle because this can lead the edges to grow toward your skin and become ingrown.

Step 4

Trim the toenails to the appropriate length. Trimming the nail so the corner gets to the tip of your toe. When you move around wearing shoes, toenails that you have cut too short may curl down and grow into the skin.

Step 5

Remove any rough sides that might catch and split the nail as it grows. The experts suggest filing your cut nails with an emery board or nail file to smooth them.


Keep away from picking your nails instead of cutting them with the proper cutting tools. Ripping nails can produce irregular sides and lead nails to become ingrown. Discuss with your doctor or podiatrist if you see any minor injuries or irregularities with your feet while cutting your nails, especially if you are a patient of diabetes.


Ask your doctor, health professional or a podiatrist to help you cut your nails if you cannot see well, especially if you have a health issue, such as diabetic issues. The patients of diabetes must keep away from ingrown nails and slight foot injuries that can develop into ulcers and turn into more serious wellness issues. Stop nail and fungal infections by keeping your tools sanitary. You should always keep away from sharing your pedicure tools with other people.

Properly Cut Your Toenails_1

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The Right Use of Tools in a Manicure Set

Improper use of manicure tools could be the reason of uneven nails or, in worst-case circumstances, cause infection. You need to stay intelligent while making your nails stylish and attractive by using your manicure instruments properly.


Use a Q-tip to clear off polish that is difficult to reach, and cut nails short so they do not obstruct you throughout the day.

The Right Use of Tools in a Manicure Set

Nail File

Do not move the nail file across the nail in a sawing motion. You need to begin on either side of the nail and move the file across it in one way (toward the nail’s tip), lift the file and move it across the nail in the same way again. Do it again until preferred nail shape is obtained. You will get used to this technique easily, and it will give your nail a sleek edge.

Cuticle Pusher

Before using an instrument to push back cuticles, apply a cuticle serum on your nails, then dip your hands in water and soap for 10 minutes in preparation to handle your cuticles. Wrap a cotton swab around the cuticle pusher or orange stick – which is not orange, it is a stick made from orangewood – before use. Dip in nail polish remover, then use your instrument to clear off any polish under the nails. Take away the cotton swab, wipe the tool and use it to push back the cuticle.

Cuticle Cutter

Your cuticle cutter should be stainless-steel in order to get a clean cut. Cut away hangnails only and cut them as near to the base as possible. Trimming living cells can cause infection, so be cautious. Use your cuticle cutter to trim any dead skin that may be staying up at the base of the nail.

Nail Buffer

Again, do not use this instrument in a sawing motion. You need to move it in one way, lift the nail buffer back to the place to start and move it across the nail in the same way again. This will give you a better end result.

Nail Cleaner

Once you have put your preferred nail polish, use this useful instrument to clean up areas around the nail where polish might have arrived on skin. Keep this useful device during the painting process to handle slip ups before the polish gets dry.


Keep yourself and your nails healthy by sanitizing your metal manicure instruments to keep away from infection. Wash instruments in hot water with dish detergent, then place them in a 375-degree oven for 15 minutes. Let instruments cool before use. Or, you can boil your tools in water for about 30 minutes. Both methods will kill organisms on your manicure set.

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Importance of Sleep in Human Beings

Like all other living creatures, human beings also need rest, along with meals, water and oxygen, to remain alive. For human beings, sleep is an essential signal of overall wellness and health. We devote up to one-third of our lives in sleeping, and the overall condition of our “sleep health” is always a vital query throughout our life. Many people know that getting a good night’s sleep is essential, but too few of us in fact make those eight or so hours between the sheets a preference. For most of us with sleep debt, we have neglected what “being really, truly rested” seems like.

Importance of Sleep in Human Beings

To further confuse things, stimulating elements like coffee and energy drinks, alarm clocks, and exterior lights, as well as those from electronic equipment, intervenes with our “circadian tempo” or natural sleep/wake cycle. Sleeping factor needs differ across age groups and are particularly affected by way of life and wellness. To figure out how much sleep you require, it is essential to evaluate not only where you fall on the “sleep needs spectrum,” but also to analyze what way of life aspects are impacting the classifieds of your sleep such as work plans and pressure.

Importance of Sleep in Human Beings_1

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Cut Your Hair at Home

Cutting of hair at home can either be a marvelous savings or a prospective catastrophe. Many of us believe they can cut locks simply, but not with the appropriate preparation, a bad locks day could be solely moments away.

Three Haircut Options

The best choices for cutting your own hair are ones that are easy, uncomplicated and do not need a lot of expertise. Illustrations of hairstyles that might be suitable to effort at home consist of cutting bangs in between salon trips, a small cut for long hair that is all one length, and styles that require only trimmers. When in suspicion, search for professional hairdressing services to avoid accidents that can lead to weeks of bad locks days from a bad cut.

Cut Your Hair at Home

1. Bang Trim

Cutting of bangs yourself is a great way to rapidly tidy up bangs without making the effort to visit the salon.

2. Simple Trim

A simple cut performs on shoulder length or longer locks that are one length. Generally, layered or bobbed hairstyles are best performed by an experienced beautician. Furthermore, the strategy stated here is best for the cutting of about one inch. If you are seeking something more than a cut, discuss with a certified cosmetologist.

3. Clipper Cut

Doing a clipper cut is most likely one of the most convenient factors you can do at home. If you do not have a clipper, you can buy one at a big box store or beauty supply store. They are usually put up for sale with a wide range of guards and are simple to work.

Cut Your Hair at Home

Home Haircut Success

Whether it’s a cut, bang, or clipper haircut, you can possibly save 100 pounds or more a year in salon charges by trimming your own locks, although there are some threats engaged. Designs with several levels or hair-styles that need trimming many inches off the locks could end up with terrible outcomes. By understanding what trims to effort and reducing locks in constant actions, it is possible to make fashionable looks right in the convenience of your home.

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Cuticle Care – Everyone Should Know

The overall look of one’s nails is frequently a great visual signal of how their health is. For example, the overall look of straight lines on the nail plate might be an indication of a serious problem. As such, it is significant for one to concentrate on the state of their nails, as it can and does reflect their hygiene and health. Moreover, cuticles secure the nail from viruses coming into.

Cuticles are like a wall, and contemplating how simple it is for hands and feet to get unclean, an essential one at that. If you are concerned about viruses coming into your body through the nails, simply do not cut your cuticles. If they exceed too much, you can cut it a little bit to eliminate dry or deceased segments of the cuticle, but cutting the whole thing is not suggested.

Cuticle Care – Everyone Should Know

Cuticle Maintenance

There are some problems that may occur from inadequate cuticle care. For example, acrylic or other such artificial nails could be the reason of itchiness or sores to appear on the cuticle. Black toenails or other such staining of the nails may be an indication of fungus pollution. With that said, the scenario might not be so harsh, because get in touch with daily cleansing methods might also cause to identical problems around the cuticles. Moreover, the much hated hangnail is an indication of dry cuticles. It would be sensible to keep away from any of these circumstances through the practice of good cuticle servicing.

Taking care of cuticles is not extremely tough, nor will it take too much of your time. You need to moisturise your hands frequently and your cuticles should not be dry. If your hands usually dry out then you should keep a moisturiser with you everywhere you go to overcome this situation. The perfect time of using it is soon after washing your hands. An alternative for skin lotions is to gently rub warm olive oil straight on your cuticles after a bath. Those who regularly apply nail polish; they need to apply only once a week.

You can also protect your hands by wearing rubber gloves while managing cleaning items. And the most important thing is that do not pick your cuticles with your hands. So, if you are taking care of your cuticles by yourself, use a cuticle pusher to push it back, and cut only with cuticle scissors. These are the appropriate and only instruments that should be used on your cuticles. Do not rip your cuticles with your hands by force, even if it looks possible, as this can simply cause a surprising skin tears. Do not use any instruments that can be dangerous for delicate skin, and ensure that all instruments are correctly cleaned before and after use.

Cuticle Care – Everyone Should Know_1

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Getting Professional Manicure at Home

It is a reality that people notice your manicure. I also observe it too much and trust me it somehow leave some type of elegance impact in thoughts and if I am not careful I will end up with finger nails at different lengths. The best way to see outcomes is to start a healthy and balanced manicure. Manicure is an elegance treatment particularly performed at hands and finger nails. Why we spend money on salons when we can do it ourselves?

Getting Professional Manicure at Home

Tools Required For Manicure

  • Bowl of Warm Water
  • Nail Cutters/Pliers
  • Nail File
  • Nail Buffer
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Massage Lotion
  • Hand Towel
  • Transparent Nail Polish
  • Cotton Pads
  • Finger Brush

Steps for Manicure

  1. Wash your hands well.
  2. Remove old nail polish, if any. Use high quality nail polish remover and pure cotton balls for this objective. Wipe away with moistened cotton ball.
  3. Trim and file your nails using a nail cutter/pliers and nail file.
  4. Buff your nails using buffer but make sure that extreme buffing can make your nails feeble and skinny.
  5. Get a bowl of warm water and add few drops of shampoo in it. Dip your hands for five minutes after massaging it with cream or lotion to make softer the cuticles and push them back.
  6. Apply a base coat of nail polish.
  7. Apply two skinny coats of colour polish.
  8. Apply a top coat of nail polish.
  9. Clean up if there are any colour marks.

Getting Professional Manicure at Home_1

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