5 Steps of Trimming Your Own Long Hair

This is an amazing technique I discovered for trimming lengthy hair all by yourself. I have been trimming my own long locks for about twelve months now, and I really like it. Additionally, it helps you to save quite a bit of money based on how often you get a cut. Keep in mind that this technique is best suitable for straight & thin hair, not suggested for curly hair.

And it is not a hard & fast rule of getting best results, but with a little good care you get your locks awesome and straight.

5 Steps of Trimming Your Own Long Hair

Step 1: Things You Required

  • A scrunchie
  • A pair of hairdressing scissors
  • A brush
  • A hand held mirror

Ensure that the scrunchie is made from a smooth fabric, something that holds the locks can certainly turn this into challenging. Also ensure that you are using the right scissors – scissors that you would use for cutting random things around the house are not perfect. You can get some awesome hairdressing scissors from any drugstore.

I love to cut my locks right after I have cleaned it and it is completely dry. You need your hair to be dry and totally without any tangles when you cut it.

It is also a great thinking (especially the very first time you do this) to use a hand-held mirror and large wall mirror so that you can see how what you are doing in the back.

Step 2: Part Your Hair and Make a Low Ponytail

Part your hair as you normally would. It is essential to part your locks as you normally would – if you brush it all back, it would not fall as it normally does. After you trim and detach the scrunchie, it will be the farthest factor from straight when it is parted again. If you do not part your locks normally, you might need to perform around with using a center part. I think that may be the more secure.

Then tie your locks into a low ponytail with the help of scrunchie – right at the top of your neck. Ensure that this is in the center of your head. Use your hand mirror to check it.

Step 3: Pull the Scrunchie Down Your Hair

Carefully take the scrunchie down the length of your hair, being cautious to not take it to one side. This can take a reasonable bit of exercise. Keep verifying with the hand mirror as you go.

If you have special lengthy hair, you might want to take from the end. This technique is a little more difficult but it is possible. Keep 3-4 inches of locks below the scrunchie.

Step 4: Bring the Scrunchie around the Front and Cut

Grasp the scrunchie and the locks below the scrunchie strongly and carefully carry it around to the front. If you feeling that it is moved, you might need to provide it another go. The hair that you will be trimming should look fairly straight across – though not ideal because locks are always growing at different speed.

An excellent principle here is to trim very little at a time, half inch tops. That way you can examine it in the mirror to ensure that you have done it right before you continue. Grasp the ends of your locks strongly between two fingertips and cut straight across.

5 Steps of Trimming Your Own Long Hair_1

Step 5: Softening the Cut Ends

Once you have cut your ends straight across, you might grasp the scissors vertically and make little snips. This softens the bluntness of the cut and can also cover up little errors. And you are done!

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