Applying False Eyelashes in a Right Way

Wearing false eyelashes for the purpose of beauty is an old trend. In the seventies, females wore very large and showy lashes that seemed fake. At the present time, women who desire to look their eyes beautiful without much fuss, wear natural-looking false eyelashes. In this post, we will discuss the right ways of wearing eyelashes.

Applying False Eyelashes in a Right Way

Get the Right Lashes

You can get a complete set of false eyelashes or tiny groups of individual lashes. If you pick a complete set then you can cut them into individual eyelashes. If the eyelashes are very lengthy, you can cut them by reducing them at an angle. Ensure that every individual eyelash is of different length so they seem more natural. Always choose the longest groups of lashes for the outer sides of your eye.

Prepare for Application

Ensure that your eyelid and lashes are without any makeup, and then curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. You can heat up the curler through a blow dryer for few seconds. Before applying just ensure that it is not much warm for your eye. Apply a liquid or pencil eyeliner to eyes to cover up the lash origins.

Get the Glue Ready

Throw the white glue or dark eyelash adhesive which either comes with your lashes or you buy it separately. Always follow the guidelines mentioned on the package for using eyelash glue or adhesive as some products have need of a different application. If you are putting individual eyelashes, take few drops of glue or adhesive on a hard place. Dry it for a moment until it becomes sticky. Use an eyelash applicator to pick up lashes and immerse the root in the adhesive. If putting a complete set of eyelashes, use small drops of glue or adhesive along the strip.

Adhere the Lashes

If you are putting individual lashes, begin at the outside edge of your eyes. Take the eyelash applicator and put the glued lash into your natural lashes. Put it close to the origin of your actual lashes as possible. Hold it for few seconds and let it dry. You’ll wish a couple groups at the outside edge of the eye and one in the middle of the eye or wherever your actual eyelashes are sparse. Ensure that to keep a natural space between lashes.

If you are putting a strip, use your fingers to grasp the lashes and put on the lid as near to the origins as possible from the outside edge of the eye in. If you find that the lashes are very lengthy, take them off and cut them with scissors.

Apply Eye Makeup

Once you have applied the false lashes, dry them for few minutes before applying eye makeup. You can apply mascara to lashes to help combine them in with your actual ones.

Remove Your False Eyelashes

To take off false eyelashes, use an eye makeup cleaner. Apply the cleaner with your fingers, rubbing it into the lash origin. Your false lashes should slide right off. You can also try water to release the glue.

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