Best Types of Hairdressing Scissors for Getting a Good Haircut

Hairdressing scissors are the market conventional. They are perfect for cutting hair because they generate outcomes cleanly and accurately in one fluid stroke. Hair specialists select the right scissors based on a number of requirements, such as the type of style they are experts in and the way they grasp the scissors.

If you are a beginner or just need a basic pair to see you through a few touchups or slight cut at home, a low-end pair is an appropriate option. Top quality scissors, however, are not created for everyone. They are especially designed for serious stylist and cosmetologists.

Best Types of Hairdressing Scissors for Getting a Good Haircut

Types of Scissors Best for You

You have some options to create before you choose the right pair of scissors. Obviously, you’ll also want to shop around for the best prices.

Types of Blades

  • Beveled blades feature one jagged edge and are perfect for layer cuts, narrow cuts and the “scissor over the comb” technique.
  • Convex blades are razor sharp and guarantee a clean, even, perfect trim. They are perfect for slide trimming.

Types of Handles

  • Opposing grips feature handles of the same length that are evenly shaped to the center screw. It is ideal for people who trim with the thumb and middle finger.
  • Offset grips feature a short thumb handle and a longer finger handle. This permits natural, fluid movement and is perfect for people who trim with the thumb and ring finger.
  • Crane grips feature a long finger handle and an angled thumb. This guarantees less stress on the hand and shoulder and permits a freer, open cut.

Types of Thumb Grips

  • Standard thumb scissors feature a detachable and adjustable finger resting piece that can be attached to either the left or right. This permits people greater flexibility (with left and right hand use).
  • Cutaway thumb scissors do not feature the adjustable finger resting piece, but does offer remarkable comfort.
  • Anatomic thumb scissors permit for better radial movement due to its curved design. Thus it offers more liberty of movement for the beautician.
  • Rotating thumb scissors are a new progression in the haircutting industry. They decrease hand and wrist stress and feature an open hand grip design, which decreases thumb “travel” and generates a more relaxed experience for the beautician.

Length of Blades

Selecting the length of blade is actually an issue of convenience and desired styling techniques. You will find you most likely need to use several different types of scissors, but your hand should feel safe regardless of what size it is.

  • Short blades are beneficial for comprehensive touchups, such as trimming around the ears or very near to the skin. This kind of blade is suggested for all beauticians; possibilities are it will be used regularly for more complex trimming. The blade should be no longer than 5.5 inches.
  • Long blades are perfect for trimming dense locks, slide trimming, scissor over comb methods, and bobs, to name a few.

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Other Noteworthy Features

The above mentioned traits are the standards for selecting a pair of scissors. Some other features that stylists may choose to focus on include the production material of the shears, the method of production of the shears and the tension system the shears provide.

You can also trim your hair at home between the salon visits and for that purpose, could be your best choice because we are offering Hairdressing Scissors at great prices.

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