Removing Blackheads and Whiteheads through a Comedone Extractor

Comedone extractor is an instrument which is used to remove acne or whitehead and blackhead pimples. These are tiny instruments that normally look like little rods and have loops linked to both ends or have sharp lancets. These extractors are formulated to take out the main part of the pimple with no damage of your skin. Before using it, particular preparation is needed to avoid further skin imperfections or disease. Here are few steps for using a comedone extractor for acne problems.

Removing Blackheads and Whiteheads through a Comedone Extractor

Selection of Right Extractor

Before treating whiteheads and blackheads, you need to select to select a right extractor according to your pimples. Blackheads should be eliminated with comedone extractors, while whiteheads will require to be pierced with a sharp lancet first before using extractor. That’s why you should buy a comedone extractor with the loop to pull out pimples on one end and a lancet to pierce whiteheads with on the other end.

Open the Skin Pores

Softening your pimples will make them simpler to eliminate when the pores are opened before using the comedone extractor. Pores could be opened by putting a hot, wet soft towel on your face for two to three minutes or by taking a hot bath. You can also be trapped the steam to open the pores.

Disinfect Your Hands or Wear Gloves

To keep away your hands from bacteria which are possible to come from touching your face, sterilize your hands by washing them or wear throwaway safety gloves before using the comedone extractor. Sterilization of your hands will also fend off possible infection.

Disinfect Your Face

Use rubbing alcohol pads on the places you need to treat to sterilize and sanitize your face before using the comedone extractor.

Remove Pimple with Comedone Extractor

Remove a blackhead pimple by focusing the loop of the comedone extractor on the pimple you need to eliminate, and rock the instrument softly from side to side, putting minor pressure. The blackhead in its whole will be drawn from the follicle and you will see oil leak from the pore.

For a whitehead pimple, initially you need to pierce the whitehead with the sharp lancet to break it open and then you can follow the procedure of blackheads.

Treat Bleeding

After using the comedone extractor, your skin may bleed a little bit in some situations. Gently pat your skin with gauze to cover the bleeding if any.

Disinfect the Treated Area

To fend off any further infection, use other rubbing alcohol pads to sterilize your now pimple-free skin. You should also use the pads to sterilize your comedone extractor before placing it away.

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