Few Steps for Applying Perfect Face Makeup

Makeup is the requirement of every woman. Both male and females of all age group spend a huge amount of their annual budget on cosmetics for looking more beautiful and attractive. Wearing makeup is not a difficult process. Everyone can do it easily on its home and one should not need to go salon for this purpose every day. Here are some steps for applying perfect face makeup and this post will be really helpful to you.

Few Steps for Applying Perfect Face Makeup

Start with Sunblock

A moist and fresh facial appearance is attractive and younger. Begin with a clean face, put sunblock (sunscreen) on your face. You should apply sunblock every day either it is rain or shine. If you have dry skin and apply moisturiser before sunblock, then you can skip the foundation step. If you have a greasy skin, wash out face with hot water and dry it before applying sunblock.

Apply Concealer

Apply concealer with your ring finger on the areas that need it most (under the eye, along the nasal area, on the chin). You can also use concealer brush instead of your finger. Meld it by patting in, never rub the concealer.

Apply Foundation

Put foundation on your face. You can use a foam sponge for applying foundation. Few people need to put foundation on all over the face, but simply put where you have irregular complexion (normally along your nasal area and on the skin). In winter, if your face is likely to get reddish, put there as well.

Apply Blush and Bronzer

Put blush on the apples of your cheeks. If you need to appear sun-kissed then put a bronzer as well. At this place, you can use a highlighter pen to brighten your face.

Few Steps for Applying Perfect Face Makeup_1

Now, your face makeup is complete and you need to switch on your eye makeup which we already have discussed in our earlier post. After applying makeup on your eyes, you need to treat your lips according to your face. You can apply lip liner or gloss over it, or you can line lips first then put lipstick.

After treating your lips you need to set your face with loose powder. For aging skin, dewiness is required. Some experts use a moisturising face balm on the cheeks and any places that look too dull.

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