Fundamental Methods of Hair Cutting

A great haircut is the base of style, and it does take some expertise. You can pick to check out the professionals or you can improve your own hair cutting expertise. It is no issue how long or short your hair, there are ways to trimming hair to be sure you have the best style every time.

Fundamental Methods of Hair Cutting

Hair Cutting Methods

Various fundamental methods apply regardless of what type of style you are trying to attain. Wet locks are usually easier to trim because fly-away lengths are more controllable. The professionals uses a spray bottle of water to moisten the locks if they are not completely wet after shampooing.

Before trimming, locks should be clean and free of products. If you are trimming the layered style hair, you should cut one layer at a time to keep safe the strength of the style.

Cut and Colour Methods

If your locks will be coloured in the same session, most likely that the expert will dye the locks first. This permits the colour to set, and any irregular areas near the ends will be cut away. This is a suitable strategy because the locks are generally wet during trimming, and colour is applied on dry locks.

Any strategy, which is followed by hair stylists, relies on personal choice. Occasionally, hair colour is used to focus on specific attributes of the hair style. It is quite easy to apply the colour after trimming so the expert can focus on areas that improve the hairstyle.

Some hairstylists apply colour after trimming the hair, particularly if the salon charges for colour service according to locks length. It will be favourable for the client to have the haircut first if a large amount of locks are going to wind up on the floor.

When to Cut Your Hair

All kinds of locks should be cut on regular basis to continue it looking its best. Short styles should be cut more regularly because enlargement is more obvious. Normally, short locks should be cut every 4-6 weeks. Longer styles can be cut every 8-10 weeks, though long hair may create split ends or other loss that could require more regular cutting.

If you intend a complete new style, it is best to keep away from getting the new hairstyle just before an important occasion such as party, a wedding, or other event in which pictures are likely in case it does not turn out as expected. It is also recommended to switch to a new style slowly. Somebody with very long hair can try a medium style before going to a very short haircut to get used to the new look.

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Hair Cutting Tools are the First Step

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