How to Perform Manicure at Home

Why we use money on every new process of manicure after every few weeks when you can do it yourself at home. People observe your manicure. It’s a reality that you try to keep in mind at all times because if you don’t care you’ll end up with finger nails at five different lengths and a hangnail or two. Below we are providing you all our preferred guidelines and techniques for getting the best manicure at home.

How to Perform Manicure at Home

  1. The best form of nail is not short or long or square, it’s “squoval” — not completely square and not completely oval. Get the look yourself by the filing nails into a form that mirrors the curve of your nail base.
  2. To make sure your nails are the same length after filing, line each nail up with its corresponding.
  3. Do not shake the bottle of nail polish, instead move it between your hands. This combines the polish without causing air bubbles.
  4. Clean the nails before polishing, dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover and run across nails. This will get rid of any extra oils or soap which could be the reason of shedding once polish is applied.
  5. One way for putting nail polish: Take the brush between the thumb and midst finger whereas relaxing your index finger on the top of the cap.
  6. Put skinny layers for getting best results. Start with a skinny layer of basecoat, then put a skinny layer of polish down the middle then one on the left and one on the right. After the first layer gets dry for a few moments, do it again, then comply with a skinny layer of topcoat.
  7. Once your process of manicure is finish, run an orangewood stick immersed in nail polish cleanser along both sides of nail to fix any errors.

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