How to Protect Your Manicure

After spending your time and money on a manicure, you need to protect it. We would not like to get manicures before learning the techniques to retain it for a long time. Following tips can help you a lot…

How to Protect Your Manicure

  1. A new run of topcoat on alternate days on your manicure will keep the polish from cracking.
  2. In the case of cracked polish, nail buffer is the best thing. Fix a crack by levelling the tattered edges with a buffer. Fill up in the crack with polish. Put a coat on the whole nail after drying it.
  3. Do not use a file on nails after taking bath, when they are too soft. File in the single way only to stop tears.
  4. For obstinate polish that spots, push down the cotton on the nail for numerous seconds before cleaning off. Do not be parsimonious with the nail polish remover. The more cleanser you have on the cotton, the simpler it will be to eliminate.
  5. Wear rubber gloves while cleaning and gardening.
  6. If you experience from dry cuticles, you should require cuticle oil or cream in your bag or on your table at all times. Cuticle oils are generally more efficient than creams.
  7. Are you a nail-biter? If you are, then perform the process of manicure every week for 12 weeks. If you can do it to 12 weeks, you would not chew your nails. It affects all and you will think twice because of the price of getting nails done.

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