Fundamental Methods of Hair Cutting

A great haircut is the base of style, and it does take some expertise. You can pick to check out the professionals or you can improve your own hair cutting expertise. It is no issue how long or short your hair, there are ways to trimming hair to be sure you have the best style every time.

Fundamental Methods of Hair Cutting

Hair Cutting Methods

Various fundamental methods apply regardless of what type of style you are trying to attain. Wet locks are usually easier to trim because fly-away lengths are more controllable. The professionals uses a spray bottle of water to moisten the locks if they are not completely wet after shampooing.

Before trimming, locks should be clean and free of products. If you are trimming the layered style hair, you should cut one layer at a time to keep safe the strength of the style.

Cut and Colour Methods

If your locks will be coloured in the same session, most likely that the expert will dye the locks first. This permits the colour to set, and any irregular areas near the ends will be cut away. This is a suitable strategy because the locks are generally wet during trimming, and colour is applied on dry locks.

Any strategy, which is followed by hair stylists, relies on personal choice. Occasionally, hair colour is used to focus on specific attributes of the hair style. It is quite easy to apply the colour after trimming so the expert can focus on areas that improve the hairstyle.

Some hairstylists apply colour after trimming the hair, particularly if the salon charges for colour service according to locks length. It will be favourable for the client to have the haircut first if a large amount of locks are going to wind up on the floor.

When to Cut Your Hair

All kinds of locks should be cut on regular basis to continue it looking its best. Short styles should be cut more regularly because enlargement is more obvious. Normally, short locks should be cut every 4-6 weeks. Longer styles can be cut every 8-10 weeks, though long hair may create split ends or other loss that could require more regular cutting.

If you intend a complete new style, it is best to keep away from getting the new hairstyle just before an important occasion such as party, a wedding, or other event in which pictures are likely in case it does not turn out as expected. It is also recommended to switch to a new style slowly. Somebody with very long hair can try a medium style before going to a very short haircut to get used to the new look.

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Hair Cutting Tools are the First Step

If you choose to trim locks at home, ensure that you have the proper tools. Hairdressing scissors can be very cost-effective, and quite readily available. is one of the best resources which are selling beauty and health related products online. Stainless Steel Hairdressing Scissors with Hook Razor Edge (pictured above) is an awesome example that’s prices is reasonable. The proper scissors and supplies can help you in making the look you want. So you can book your desired Hairdressing Scissors at Manicure4u with great confidence to get maximum benefit.

Taking Care of Ingrown Thumbnail

Ingrown nails grow when the sides of the nails enter into the nearby skin. Most people have the experience of ingrown nails in their toes, this annoying situation can arise in any nail, such as fingers and thumbs. While the reasons for ingrown toenails and ingrown thumbnails may vary, but the same procedure of treatment may help in decreasing the symptoms and stop recurrences. Treatments at home can help in taking care and stop some cases of ingrown nails, while other circumstances may need medical treatment.

Taking Care of Ingrown Thumbnail


The skin around an ingrown thumbnail may look a little bit red and inflamed. You may observe a little bit inconvenience or sharp pain, particularly when your thumb collides or rubs against compact things. As the nail is constantly embed itself in-depth in the soft cells, you may observe symptoms of a growing infection, with the expression of pus.


A change in circumstances could be the reason of your thumbnail to become ingrown. Experts say, inappropriate cutting, disturbance and extreme exterior stress may lead to an ingrown nail.


Neglected ingrown thumbnails can keep on to put pressure against the nearby skin, leading to additional inflammation and discomfort, as well as infection. Larger pain, drainage and the presence of pus often indicate about the existence of an infection in the nearby tissue.


You can dip the affected nail to alleviate pain and reducing discomfort. Dip your ingrown thumbnail in a bowl of warm water for around 15 minutes, thrice daily. Press a small piece of cotton under the edge of your ingrown nail, carefully having the nail edge away from your infected skin. Apply a relevant antibiotic and a bandage to your clean skin. Get an advice from your physician if home treatments are not able to slow up the discomfort and inflammation. Your physician may require to remove part of your nail or cure the infection with an antibiotic.


Cut your thumbnails straight across the ends, instead of creating curved edges. Keep the length about even with the outer edge of the external tip of your thumb. Keep away from recurring motions that create constant stress against the edge of your thumbnail. If you have the experience of repeated ingrown nails, your physician may recommend eliminating a part of the nail or ruining part of the area from which your thumbnail develops by freezing or cauterizing a part of the nail.

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5 Basic Tools for Performing Manicure at Home

Taking care of hands and nails is one of the few beauty treatments which can be done easily in the same manner at home or in a salon. Using appropriate tools, experts and beginners as well can make hands and nails look eye-catching. Understanding which tools are required and their functionality will increase the probability of an excellent manicure.

5 Basic Tools for Performing Manicure at Home

Nail Polish Remover

For applying new polish on your nails, they must be cleaned. Use nail polish remover to clean any marks of old polish and remove dirt and oil. Select a polish remover that has moisturising qualities without acetone, which should be kept away as it can be very drying.

Scissors or Clippers

Manicure scissors or clippers are used to cut nails to a length that is good-looking and efficient. Consider your daily routines when deciding on the length of your nails. If you often type or having interaction with small children, then long nails will not be a good option.

Nail File

Flat abrasive sides of Nail files and emery boards are used to level jagged nails and shape them into the form you wish. Do not use a sawing motion while using these tools. File in a single motion from the edges of the nail toward the center is preferable.

Cuticle Sticks

Cuticle sticks are used to push back the cuticles so that they do not get in the way when you put a flat coat of polish to the nail. This procedure is desirable to trimming the cuticles, and should be done properly.

Nail Polish

Polish should be apply on nails in three steps: the base coat, color, and top coat. A base coat makes a flat surface on your nail, follow with two layers of your desired nail shade, over which add a top coat for glow and to complete blemishes.

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How do Sleeping Masks Help in Getting a Perfect Sleep

Many individuals who are worried by light at night discover a sleeping mask very beneficial. Especially they can be helpful in traveling or if you are sharing a bed with someone who is frightened to dark. Sleeping masks can also be a useful tool for power nappers and the persons who work in the night and sleep in the day.

Essentially, sleeping masks block visual stimulating elements and reduce the interference in sleep caused by light. However, a sleeping mask might restrict light interference, it does not address a wide range of other potential sleep disruptions, nor the psychological causes of poor sleep.

How do Sleeping Masks Help in Getting a Perfect Sleep

Why Use a Sleeping Mask?

According to the Great British Sleep Survey, 19% of those interviewed revealed being disrupted by light levels before or during sleep.

Light can have a great effect on our sleep-wake cycle as we have specific cells in our eyes that make a response to light waves and send signals back to the part of our mind which manages our body clock. Therefore, it is a great decision to keep your sleeping atmosphere dark. Undoubtedly, research has revealed that making the bedroom light on during the sleep period can considerably delay the timing and peak secretion of melatonin during the night.

Contact with darkness at night and light during the day, allows to keep our body clock on the 24 hours rhythm most of us need to live our lives. Usually, it is not required to have a bedroom pitch-black and most good sleepers can sleep with some light arriving through the curtains or under the door.

Of course there are personal variations in what individuals choose, and sometimes individuals do choose a very dark bedroom – our guidance would be to experiment a little to see if a sleeping mask can help you!

Finally, research has also revealed that using a sleeping mask can improve one’s sleep during a stay at hospital, where one’s sleep is all too easily interrupted.

How do Sleeping Masks Help in Getting a Perfect Sleep_1


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The Best Scissors for Cutting Hair

Hairdressing scissors are the primary, important instruments that every beautician must have, but they are also worth keeping in your medication cupboard even if you are not an expert. Whether you have a slight hair emergency on your hands, elegant a little change of style, or are actually an expert at trimming your own hair, you can always depend on a pair of top quality scissors to help you accomplish your best look.

The Best Scissors for Cutting Hair

The Importance of High Quality Scissors

Scissors are the beautician’s creative tool of choice. With an excellent set of scissors, the beautician can create absolute thrilling by modifying styles completely or making small changes. The top quality and final result of a hairstyle extremely relies on the quality of the scissors. A special and innovative cutting may require several different types of scissors, but even the most basic hairstyle requires something that provides a precise and clean cutting.

What about hairstyles that are unluckily designed by low quality scissors? Generally, the final result is not good. Dull blades or low quality products can significantly affect the cutting and may also harm the hair and cause split ends. Obviously, it’s worth it to spend money on a long-lasting pair of scissors.

Types of Hairdressing Scissors

Not amazingly, there are many types of hairdressing scissors available in the market. They include:

  • Thinning Scissors
  • Styling Scissors
  • Tempered Scissors
  • Left-handed Scissors

One look at these scissors will tell you just how different they are from each other. Each is prepared for a particular process. Some are used to generate fine results while others are ideal for fundamental hairstyles.

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Handling Ingrown Fingernail

Ingrown fingernails arise when the side of a finger nail expands into the skin around it. Generally, inappropriate cutting of the nail is the reason of ingrown fingernails. Whereas nail biting or a wound on the hand that tears the nail could also be the reason. In some cases, the natural shape or width of the nail can make you more vulnerable to ingrown nails. No matter what is the reason, they range from irritating to extremely agonizing, and it could become contaminated if neglected.

Handling Ingrown Fingernail

You should follow the below steps for handling the ingrown fingernails.

Step 1

Dip your finger in warm water twice or thrice in a day for 15 to 20 minutes every day to decrease inflammation. Ensure that to dry the place completely after immersing, since leaving the place wet could permit the nail to dig in more depth.

Step 2

Wedge a little portion of cotton under the side of the nail instantly after immersing to raise it away from the skin. Carry on this for a few days to see if it assists. Fingernails proceed with an average of 2 to 3 mm every month, so maintaining the nail raised away should permit it to grow past the skin quickly.

Step 3

You can take any painkiller such as ibuprofen if you feel pain, and use antibiotic cream to help fight infection. However, pus or redness may indicate an infection has already taken control; if this happens, you should check out a physician as soon as possible.

Step 4

You need to visit the physician if you see no improvement after three or four days of treatment at home, even if there is no noticeable sign of infection. A physician has different techniques for the treatment of an ingrown fingernail that can range from cutting the ingrown portion of the nail to elimination of an entire part of the nail and the nail bed.


If you are a patient of diabetes, do not try it at home, always visit your physician.


Always cut your fingernails straight across, instead of curved, to help stop ingrown nails. Inadequate cleanliness can also cause ingrown nails, so keep your nails clean.

Handling Ingrown Fingernail_1

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File Your Nails in an Easy Way

It is an easy process to file your own nails. You have no need to visit the salon for this process; just require a nail file and knowledge of using it in a right way. By having this, you can save your time and money. Here are the steps of filing your nails.

Selection of a Nail File

First of all you need to select a nail file. Emery boards are the most common nail files, which are low-priced and simple tools for this process. You can also choose stainless steel files, crystal files and glass files for filing your nails.

File Your Nails in an Easy Way

Deciding the Shape of Your Nails

Then you need to choose the shape of your nails before starting. The five most common nail forms are: oval, square, squoval, round, and pointed/almond. Then for making your desired form, begin at the edges of your nails and follow the natural curve of your cuticle until you achieve the center of the nail. The differences between the five common nail shapes are

  • Oval: The oval shape is a very common nail shape for small, low-protected nails. This form is rounded at the top, making an oval shape for the nail.
  • Square: The square nail has a little bit rounded brim that meets two flat ends. It makes a square or a real rectangular look for each nail.
  • Squoval: According to its name, this nail shape is not as circular as an oval and is not as straight as a square. The Squoval, ideal for nails with extensive nail beds, is rounded but still preserves a partly square look.
  • Round: The round nail is more curled than the oval nail. Its sides are curved and meet at a rounded point.
  • Pointed/Almond: This is a tremendous edition of the round nail. A pointed nail has not a level or rounded brim but a point is created after the meet up of his both ends. This makes an impressive look but needs great care.

Wash and Dry Your Hands

Before filing, you need to wash your hands well. Dust particles should not be there on your hands after washing. After that, dry them completely including your nails and fingertips.

Cut Your Nails

This is an optional step; you can file your nails without clipping them. But it will help you in the filing and shaping of nails, particularly when they are really long.

File Your Nails

File from the outer side of the nail in the direction of the center of the nail, going from each end inward, but not going backward and forward. Using the file backward and forward instead of in one way will split and break your nails. Use small onward strokes on each end of the nails.

Buff Your Nails

It is also an optional step, your process of filing nails could be completed without buffing. But it will help you in getting smooth and shiny finish.

File Your Nails in an Easy Way_1

Have a Look at Your New Nails

If you have done the process of filing your nails properly, then you should not have damaged or snagged sides. You can check it by moving your nails on a piece of fabric. If your nail snags, file that bit down. is the right place around you which is offering high quality Manicure Sets of ISO standard. This online source is highly trusted since last ten years among people who shop Beauty and Health Care Products through internet. Book your desired product on Manicure4u with great price and save your valuable time. Our products of Emery Boards, Nail Files and Nail Buffers can really help you in filing your nails.

Choose the Perfect Sleeping Mask for Better Sleep

There are various kinds of sleeping masks for you to select from – contoured, gel filled, herbal or silky. Try to find sleeping masks that will contain other important sleeping products such as ear plugs which will significantly improve your possibilities of getting a good night’s sleep.

The significant points to consider when buying your sleeping mask are comfort, thickness and allergies.

Choose the Perfect Sleeping Mask for Better Sleep


All sleeping masks have an elastic band sown on which is put around your head to fix the sleeping mask in place. Ensure that the band fits on it in a relaxed manner, has a good stretch to it or ideally flexible and that it is not close-fitted otherwise the sleeping mask will be sitting too firmly on thus putting stress on your eyes.

It is essential that there should be no stress on your eyes while sleeping to make sure bloodstream flow is steady. The tissue around your eyes is so sensitive and if damaged, it can result in temporary vision impairments, dry eyes or bloodshot eyes.

Hypo-Allergenic Material

There are natural hypo-allergenic sleeping masks for the people with allergies, which would not aggravate your skin or deteriorate your allergies. Undoubtedly you need the material on your mask to be smooth otherwise it will cause frustration to your eyes. Try to find sleeping masks that are created with smooth silk fabrics which is ideal for delicate skin.

Comfort and Fit

Although most sleeping masks have flexible elastic bands, you should still ensure that the sleeping mask itself fits perfectly and well on your eyes without falling yet enabling your eyes to move easily. Moulded sleeping masks frequently stay put and are still very relaxed in spite of its overall look. A perfectly fitted sleeping mask is important for you to obtain the full advantages of a sleeping mask.

Choose the Perfect Sleeping Mask for Better Sleep_1

Right Sleeping Masks for You

Some sleeping masks come with ear plugs as part of the offer so keep an eye out for this as it will improve your sleeping experience. If you never use a sleeping mask before, it may be a valuable investment or reasonably priced one to see how it gives benefit to you.

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Best Types of Hairdressing Scissors for Getting a Good Haircut

Hairdressing scissors are the market conventional. They are perfect for cutting hair because they generate outcomes cleanly and accurately in one fluid stroke. Hair specialists select the right scissors based on a number of requirements, such as the type of style they are experts in and the way they grasp the scissors.

If you are a beginner or just need a basic pair to see you through a few touchups or slight cut at home, a low-end pair is an appropriate option. Top quality scissors, however, are not created for everyone. They are especially designed for serious stylist and cosmetologists.

Best Types of Hairdressing Scissors for Getting a Good Haircut

Types of Scissors Best for You

You have some options to create before you choose the right pair of scissors. Obviously, you’ll also want to shop around for the best prices.

Types of Blades

  • Beveled blades feature one jagged edge and are perfect for layer cuts, narrow cuts and the “scissor over the comb” technique.
  • Convex blades are razor sharp and guarantee a clean, even, perfect trim. They are perfect for slide trimming.

Types of Handles

  • Opposing grips feature handles of the same length that are evenly shaped to the center screw. It is ideal for people who trim with the thumb and middle finger.
  • Offset grips feature a short thumb handle and a longer finger handle. This permits natural, fluid movement and is perfect for people who trim with the thumb and ring finger.
  • Crane grips feature a long finger handle and an angled thumb. This guarantees less stress on the hand and shoulder and permits a freer, open cut.

Types of Thumb Grips

  • Standard thumb scissors feature a detachable and adjustable finger resting piece that can be attached to either the left or right. This permits people greater flexibility (with left and right hand use).
  • Cutaway thumb scissors do not feature the adjustable finger resting piece, but does offer remarkable comfort.
  • Anatomic thumb scissors permit for better radial movement due to its curved design. Thus it offers more liberty of movement for the beautician.
  • Rotating thumb scissors are a new progression in the haircutting industry. They decrease hand and wrist stress and feature an open hand grip design, which decreases thumb “travel” and generates a more relaxed experience for the beautician.

Length of Blades

Selecting the length of blade is actually an issue of convenience and desired styling techniques. You will find you most likely need to use several different types of scissors, but your hand should feel safe regardless of what size it is.

  • Short blades are beneficial for comprehensive touchups, such as trimming around the ears or very near to the skin. This kind of blade is suggested for all beauticians; possibilities are it will be used regularly for more complex trimming. The blade should be no longer than 5.5 inches.
  • Long blades are perfect for trimming dense locks, slide trimming, scissor over comb methods, and bobs, to name a few.

Best Types of Hairdressing Scissors for Getting a Good Haircut_1

Other Noteworthy Features

The above mentioned traits are the standards for selecting a pair of scissors. Some other features that stylists may choose to focus on include the production material of the shears, the method of production of the shears and the tension system the shears provide.

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Difference between Manicure Scissors and Nail Clippers

Many of us don’t know the difference between manicure scissors and nail clippers. We have all seen manicure scissors and nail clippers before but really didn’t know about them that which ones are better in use. It seems that nail clippers have the benefits for the reason that they are large in numbers and well-known than manicure scissors. But are clippers always a good option in nails trimming? Probably there are some uses of manicure scissors that you did not think about.

Difference between Manicure Scissors and Nail Clippers

Using manicure scissors could really be someone’s preference because you have more control on your nails when you cut them through manicure scissors. Nail clippers cut along a set edge. So if you want to get a preferred look with your nails then manicure scissors could be a better option.

It is easy to get standard cut with nail clippers. But ensure that the width and opening of the nail clipper is according to your need. For wide nails, you should have nail clipper which is wide in width and has an opening big enough to fit your nail. A clipper which is wide and big may not be good for trimming your pinky nails. But a nail scissor could deal with both kinds of nails as long as the scissor is strong enough to cut through somewhat thick nails like a toenail. Thick nails of toenail may require a whole different instrument.

Difference between Manicure Scissors and Nail Clippers_1

Manicure scissors feel more popular for trimming the nails of children, because mom has more control over trimming. But also, nail clippers can probably cut the skin of the child so some choose the scissor rather than the clippers.

As a mature person, it is not a serious issue. But we have different problems like ingrown toenails, thick nails, odd shaped nails, skinny nails, big or small nails. Manicure scissors can cut as deep as you want into the nail where a nail clipper can only go so far. Manicure scissors can cut straight across the nail which could help in stopping the ingrown toenails. They can also trim in a rounded way. It is all depending on how you guide the scissor.

Difference between Manicure Scissors and Nail Clippers_2

So when it comes to the fight between manicure scissors and nail clippers, it based on your goal. Nail clippers win in the overall common use. But manicure scissors win for more control and ‘personalized’ trimming of the nail depending on your needs.

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