Cut Your Hair with Hairdressing Scissors

If you have a simple hairstyle then can cut your own hair with the help of hairdressing scissors between salon visits, which will save your time and money. Simple hairstyles consist of one-length cuts and long layers, a fashion in which all of the hair is combed upward to the same place and candidly cut. Short layers, a fashion in which the hair is drawn directly out from the scalp and cut the same length from the scalp all over the head, can sometimes be cut by anyone with a little experience as well. Cuts that use several cutting instruments or integrate geometrical styles and several elevations of cuts should be prevented by a beginner. Here we will discuss only one-length cuts

Cut Your Hair with Hairdressing Scissors

One-Length Styles

Step 1

Wet the locks using the spray bottle. Comb through the locks to eliminate tangles. Part the locks where it prefers to detach naturally, and comb the hair downward on either side of the part and in the back as well.

Step 2

Tilt the head downwards and comb the back of the locks downward, ensure that it is not knotted around clothes, jewellery or the ears. Shape a 1-inch area at the middle of the head. Comb the area down, and grasp it between the first two fingers of your left hand.

Step 3

Cut the ends of the locks. Move to the left of the area. Shape another area, and grasp it between your fingers along with the earlier cut area. Use the earlier cut area as a model, and cut the locks even with it. Do it again until you have worked your way to the front of the locks.

Step 4

Return to the back center of the head, and do it again for the other side.

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