Get the Perfect Shape of Your Nails

When you need to shape your nails, there may be a question in your mind what best or latest look is. Some females choose square shaped nails and some really like the oval look. If you are really uncertain what looks best on you, take a look at your nails and you will get a good idea. Though any form of nails will work on any lady, if you are in search of a real form, look no other than your nail bed. The half-moon form that you see is known as the lunula.

Get the Perfect Shape of Your Nails

If you find it difficult to see this shape as I do, softly push down at the tip of your nail and you will be able to see it a bit easier. Notice its natural shape and shape the tips of your nails accordingly. Some individuals think that if you don’t follow your lunula while shaping your nails then your nails will be weaker and can break easily.

Whereas I am not sure that I actually accept it as true, as I know that by following the curve of your nail does make your nails look naturally attractive. So the next time you don’t know if you should go square, oval or even a sharper tip, just see your own nail bed and form accordingly.

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Perform French Manicure by Yourself at Home

The French manicure is a graceful look that is well-known these days. You can perform it on your own nails by yourself at home. Follow the below steps for doing it:

Perform French Manicure by Yourself at Home

  1. First of all wash your hands and get rid of from old nail polish. If you have a polish of light colour then use an acetone-free polish remover and for dark colours, use an acetone remover (acetones can be drying to the nails). An orangewood stick with the end covered in cotton can also be used for the edges after dipping in the nail polish remover.
  2. Trim your nails straight across. Take hold of a file and use file on your nails in one direction so the sides are a little bit curved. You are trying for a squared oval (squoval) form. Complete the filing process with the fine-grade side.
  3. If you have a cuticle remover, then apply it on cuticles.
  4. Put few drops of almond oil in a bowl of warm water for immersing your nails. Dip your hands for five minutes in that bowl of warm water. Pat hands dry.
  5. Turn some water-moistened cotton onto the end of an orangewood stick. Softly push back your cuticles by using it. Do not trim the cuticles, you can risk nicking the skin (while cutting of cuticles, there is a chance of cutting live skin. If you do so, it is very painful).
  6. Exfoliate your hands with a body scrub, wash and apply hand lotion. Apply more cuticle lotion to cuticles. Complete this phase by taking a cotton ball saturated with nail polish remover to clean nails once again.
  7. Start with the pinky finger and apply a skinny base coat to all 10 finger.
  8. Polish your nails by using an impartial and light colour that suits the natural shade of the nail bed. Leave it for two minutes to dry and then re-apply. Thinner coat is better while painting the nails. Try to clean one side of the brush on the bottle, then use the other side to apply polish on nails. Paint your nails in 3 strokes for getting the best results: Down the center, down one side and then down the other.
  9. Apply opaque white colour or beige polish on natural white tip of your nail. In conventional France manicures, this white strip is straight across the nail, however, your nails will look longer if you let the polish curve with your natural nail. Keep away from chips by brushing the polish over the edge and covering the polish under the nail.
  10. Clear any errant polish with an orangewood stick covered in cotton and dampened with polish remover.
  11. Complete this manicure process with a clear top coat. Leave nails to dry for least twenty minutes.

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Keep Your Manicure for a Long Time

When it comes to manicures, there is nothing more frustrating than a fragmented nail or poor manicure. Here, we are sharing 8 tricks to keep your manicure for a long time.

Keep Your Manicure for a Long Time

Moisturise your Cuticles

Dry, shedding cuticles can be both unpleasant and agonizing, particularly when they become hangnails. Keep cuticles moisturised, particularly in dry, cold season, with a good cuticle cream or lotion. You can use an orangewood stick to push back the cuticles after softening them. If you do not have cuticle oil on hand, then you can use a rich hand cream or even lip cream.

Select the Shortest Nail to Trim by

If you are not sure about your nails that how short they should be, then pick your shortest nail to trim as your information. Once you have trimmed, line each finger up against it, cuticle-to-cuticle, to make sure you trim short enough.

Prepare Nails by Filing

File your nails after trimming them. File them into an oval shape imitating the curve of your nail base. Some females like square nails. I feel better my hands with oval nails, but other females believe their look better with squared nails. It is totally your decision.

Remove Oils from the Nails before Polishing

It is essential to clean nails with a nail polish remover before applying polish regardless of you do not have polish to get rid of. Oils left on the nail (like the hand cream or lip balm) will keep polish from adhering.

Cover the Tips of your Nails with Polish

While applying polish, make sure to take it over the front edge of the nail and a little bit under the tip. This inhibits cracking. 2 skinny coats of polish are better than one thick coat. It quickly dries. If the polish cracks, it is good to remove the shade from the nail and paint it again. If you do not have enough time, drop your hand in nail polish remover and smooth over the damaged area and re-apply a topcoat.

Retain Fresh Polish

You can keep your manicure/pedicure looking fresh with the addition of a new layer of topcoat every other day. An appropriate manicure should last one to two weeks. A pedicure should last 2 to 4 weeks.

Deal with Smudges and Stains

If you have stains on your polish while painting, then drop your finger in nail polish remover and use it to flat the surface, again apply a topcoat on it. The key factor to keeping nails from smudging is appropriate drying time. Areas will feel dry to touch after 10 minutes, but don’t be misled. It really takes a whole hour for nails to completely dry.

Deal with a Broken or Torn Nail

When a nail smashes, the best thing to do is to cut it off. But here’s a technique if the crack is low down (and agonizing, undoubtedly): cut a small piece of gauze from a teabag, place it over the tear and the paint over with polish.

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5 Basic Tools for Performing Manicure at Home

Taking care of hands and nails is one of the few beauty treatments which can be done easily in the same manner at home or in a salon. Using appropriate tools, experts and beginners as well can make hands and nails look eye-catching. Understanding which tools are required and their functionality will increase the probability of an excellent manicure.

5 Basic Tools for Performing Manicure at Home

Nail Polish Remover

For applying new polish on your nails, they must be cleaned. Use nail polish remover to clean any marks of old polish and remove dirt and oil. Select a polish remover that has moisturising qualities without acetone, which should be kept away as it can be very drying.

Scissors or Clippers

Manicure scissors or clippers are used to cut nails to a length that is good-looking and efficient. Consider your daily routines when deciding on the length of your nails. If you often type or having interaction with small children, then long nails will not be a good option.

Nail File

Flat abrasive sides of Nail files and emery boards are used to level jagged nails and shape them into the form you wish. Do not use a sawing motion while using these tools. File in a single motion from the edges of the nail toward the center is preferable.

Cuticle Sticks

Cuticle sticks are used to push back the cuticles so that they do not get in the way when you put a flat coat of polish to the nail. This procedure is desirable to trimming the cuticles, and should be done properly.

Nail Polish

Polish should be apply on nails in three steps: the base coat, color, and top coat. A base coat makes a flat surface on your nail, follow with two layers of your desired nail shade, over which add a top coat for glow and to complete blemishes.

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File Your Nails in an Easy Way

It is an easy process to file your own nails. You have no need to visit the salon for this process; just require a nail file and knowledge of using it in a right way. By having this, you can save your time and money. Here are the steps of filing your nails.

Selection of a Nail File

First of all you need to select a nail file. Emery boards are the most common nail files, which are low-priced and simple tools for this process. You can also choose stainless steel files, crystal files and glass files for filing your nails.

File Your Nails in an Easy Way

Deciding the Shape of Your Nails

Then you need to choose the shape of your nails before starting. The five most common nail forms are: oval, square, squoval, round, and pointed/almond. Then for making your desired form, begin at the edges of your nails and follow the natural curve of your cuticle until you achieve the center of the nail. The differences between the five common nail shapes are

  • Oval: The oval shape is a very common nail shape for small, low-protected nails. This form is rounded at the top, making an oval shape for the nail.
  • Square: The square nail has a little bit rounded brim that meets two flat ends. It makes a square or a real rectangular look for each nail.
  • Squoval: According to its name, this nail shape is not as circular as an oval and is not as straight as a square. The Squoval, ideal for nails with extensive nail beds, is rounded but still preserves a partly square look.
  • Round: The round nail is more curled than the oval nail. Its sides are curved and meet at a rounded point.
  • Pointed/Almond: This is a tremendous edition of the round nail. A pointed nail has not a level or rounded brim but a point is created after the meet up of his both ends. This makes an impressive look but needs great care.

Wash and Dry Your Hands

Before filing, you need to wash your hands well. Dust particles should not be there on your hands after washing. After that, dry them completely including your nails and fingertips.

Cut Your Nails

This is an optional step; you can file your nails without clipping them. But it will help you in the filing and shaping of nails, particularly when they are really long.

File Your Nails

File from the outer side of the nail in the direction of the center of the nail, going from each end inward, but not going backward and forward. Using the file backward and forward instead of in one way will split and break your nails. Use small onward strokes on each end of the nails.

Buff Your Nails

It is also an optional step, your process of filing nails could be completed without buffing. But it will help you in getting smooth and shiny finish.

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Have a Look at Your New Nails

If you have done the process of filing your nails properly, then you should not have damaged or snagged sides. You can check it by moving your nails on a piece of fabric. If your nail snags, file that bit down. is the right place around you which is offering high quality Manicure Sets of ISO standard. This online source is highly trusted since last ten years among people who shop Beauty and Health Care Products through internet. Book your desired product on Manicure4u with great price and save your valuable time. Our products of Emery Boards, Nail Files and Nail Buffers can really help you in filing your nails.

Guidelines Regarding the Use of Manicure Set

A manicure set is a valuable group of tools to keep on hand for frequent care of nails, but these sets often have a large range of products that can be complicated to those who do not give themselves manicures very often. Using a manicure set is easy when you know how to use each tool. The outcomes will be neat, well-shaped nails completely prepared for a coat of polish, or simply eye-catching.

Guidelines Regarding the Use of Manicure Set


  • If you have any nail polish on your nails, clear off it first and wash your hands. Start your manicure with plain nails and cleaned hands.
  • Cut extremely long nails with a nail cutter or scissors. Cut the ends of the nail at a minor angle for making a flat oval shape, then cut straight across the top. Use nail scissors to softly shape the ends of the nails. The shaping of nails does not require to be perfect at this stage, the aim is to cut off the length.
  • File your uneven nail edges with a nail file or emery board. Start from any end of the nail and move to the center, then change ends and work on the other area. Proceed the process of filing in one way only, back-and-forth cutting can result in a split nail so keep away from this approach. Filing should be keep on until you have the preferred shape for each nail. If you have already trimmed nails, you can start your manicure process at this step.
  • Use a nail cleaner to clean the beneath of your fingernails. In various manicure sets, this tool has a marginally pointed nail cleaner on one end, while a cuticle pusher on the other.
  • Wash your hands again to get rid of any loosened dirt from below your fingernails as well as the fine dust created while filing your nails.
  • Dip your fingertips in warm water or rub with a cuticle cream or lotion to make softer your cuticles. Wait a few minutes for this fragile skin to make softer. Push back your cuticles softly with a cuticle pusher.
  • Wash your hands the last time to get rid of extra cuticle cream or lotion as well as any other thing on your hands and nails. For a simple look, you can end up your manicure here or add a coat of clear polish for a charming and shiny look. If you like polished nails, use a base coat of polish and then top coat for the most professional look.

Guidelines Regarding the Use of Manicure Set_1

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Getting Professional Pedicure at Home

Pedicure is a beauty treatment which is performed at feet and toenails for keeping them healthy and gorgeous. If you have a tired feet, pedicure can relieve it. It is a truth that manicure and pedicure is highly observed by people. It is also seen that good manicure and pedicure leave a great impact on mind. If you don’t care about it you will come up with finger and toe nails of different lengths. We have discussed about manicure in our earlier post and now will talk about getting a professional pedicure at home. If we can do it at home then why we visit salons for this purpose?

Getting Professional Pedicure at Home

Tools Required For Pedicure

  • Small Bath Tub
  • Nail Cutters/Pliers
  • Nail File
  • Nail Buffer
  • Foot File
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Massage Lotion
  • Hand Towel
  • Transparent Nail Polish
  • Cotton Pads
  • Finger Brush

Steps for Pedicure

  1. Fill a small bathing tub with warm water, add few drops of shampoo, fresh lemon juice or vinegar and salt. Dip your feet in water for 15 minutes.
  2. Remove old nail polish, if any.
  3. Cut, file and buff your toenails.
  4. File your heels.
  5. Dip your feet in warm water. Also add some fresh lemon juice and oils according to your need if your nails are yellow.
  6. Clean it with soft towel and push back cuticles.
  7. Softly remove dust from each nail.
  8. Massage your feet for 5 to 10 minutes.
  9. Apply coat of your desired nail polish, let it dry, again apply that coat and apply transparent top coat after drying the second coat.
  10. And you will get your perfect pedicure of professional type.

Getting Professional Pedicure at Home_1

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The Right Use of Tools in a Manicure Set

Improper use of manicure tools could be the reason of uneven nails or, in worst-case circumstances, cause infection. You need to stay intelligent while making your nails stylish and attractive by using your manicure instruments properly.


Use a Q-tip to clear off polish that is difficult to reach, and cut nails short so they do not obstruct you throughout the day.

The Right Use of Tools in a Manicure Set

Nail File

Do not move the nail file across the nail in a sawing motion. You need to begin on either side of the nail and move the file across it in one way (toward the nail’s tip), lift the file and move it across the nail in the same way again. Do it again until preferred nail shape is obtained. You will get used to this technique easily, and it will give your nail a sleek edge.

Cuticle Pusher

Before using an instrument to push back cuticles, apply a cuticle serum on your nails, then dip your hands in water and soap for 10 minutes in preparation to handle your cuticles. Wrap a cotton swab around the cuticle pusher or orange stick – which is not orange, it is a stick made from orangewood – before use. Dip in nail polish remover, then use your instrument to clear off any polish under the nails. Take away the cotton swab, wipe the tool and use it to push back the cuticle.

Cuticle Cutter

Your cuticle cutter should be stainless-steel in order to get a clean cut. Cut away hangnails only and cut them as near to the base as possible. Trimming living cells can cause infection, so be cautious. Use your cuticle cutter to trim any dead skin that may be staying up at the base of the nail.

Nail Buffer

Again, do not use this instrument in a sawing motion. You need to move it in one way, lift the nail buffer back to the place to start and move it across the nail in the same way again. This will give you a better end result.

Nail Cleaner

Once you have put your preferred nail polish, use this useful instrument to clean up areas around the nail where polish might have arrived on skin. Keep this useful device during the painting process to handle slip ups before the polish gets dry.


Keep yourself and your nails healthy by sanitizing your metal manicure instruments to keep away from infection. Wash instruments in hot water with dish detergent, then place them in a 375-degree oven for 15 minutes. Let instruments cool before use. Or, you can boil your tools in water for about 30 minutes. Both methods will kill organisms on your manicure set. is highly trusted online source where people can find high quality Manicure Sets with attractive prices. We are here in the market since last ten years and providing our best services regarding healthcare and beauty products of ISO standard. If you are the one who are looking of a professional manicure set, then Manicure4u is the best place for you.

Getting Professional Manicure at Home

It is a reality that people notice your manicure. I also observe it too much and trust me it somehow leave some type of elegance impact in thoughts and if I am not careful I will end up with finger nails at different lengths. The best way to see outcomes is to start a healthy and balanced manicure. Manicure is an elegance treatment particularly performed at hands and finger nails. Why we spend money on salons when we can do it ourselves?

Getting Professional Manicure at Home

Tools Required For Manicure

  • Bowl of Warm Water
  • Nail Cutters/Pliers
  • Nail File
  • Nail Buffer
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Massage Lotion
  • Hand Towel
  • Transparent Nail Polish
  • Cotton Pads
  • Finger Brush

Steps for Manicure

  1. Wash your hands well.
  2. Remove old nail polish, if any. Use high quality nail polish remover and pure cotton balls for this objective. Wipe away with moistened cotton ball.
  3. Trim and file your nails using a nail cutter/pliers and nail file.
  4. Buff your nails using buffer but make sure that extreme buffing can make your nails feeble and skinny.
  5. Get a bowl of warm water and add few drops of shampoo in it. Dip your hands for five minutes after massaging it with cream or lotion to make softer the cuticles and push them back.
  6. Apply a base coat of nail polish.
  7. Apply two skinny coats of colour polish.
  8. Apply a top coat of nail polish.
  9. Clean up if there are any colour marks.

Getting Professional Manicure at Home_1

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Advantages of a Professional Manicure

A beauty treatment which is applied on hands and nails is called manicure. Anyone can perform the process of manicure at home or also visit beauty salon for this purpose. The process generally includes filing, hand massage, shaping of the nails and applying polish on nails, Shellac, Minx or other treatments. It is an easy process which can be performed easily at home with the help of a complete manicure set without paying the nail specialist.

Advantages of a Professional Manicure

This process often gives benefits to you. First of all it makes batter the health and structure of your finger nails and hands. Your hands become smoother and lovely to touch and get secured from fungus or any other kind of virus.

This treatment also enhances the health of the skin because the massage of hands raises the blood circulation which guarantees that the skin is well nurtured. This in turn stops the wrinkles on the skin of your hands; hence it guarantees that you have wonderful and perfect hands. is the best online marketing place where people can find high quality Manicure Sets with attractive prices. We are here in market since ten years and providing our best services regarding healthcare and beauty products of ISO standard. If you are in the search of a professional manicure set, then Manicure4u is the right place for you.

To stop the formation of hang nail, treatment of painful or damaged skin around the nails, stoppage of nail loss and decreasing stress are the other advantages of manicure. All these advantages are assured if the manicure is done expertly.

Special type of manicure sets are used in the professional manicures. The tools for appropriate manicure and improvements can be quite costly and most of the best tools are only available to qualified nail experts. Therefore it is impossible for everyone to have a professional at home.

Advantages of a Professional Manicure_1

However, nail salons are very well furnished and have all the instruments that are needed in this process. They are also operated by expert nail technicians who are professionals in this area and endeavor to provide you the best service according to your requirements. The nail specialist will know how to carefully cut any cuticles and hangnails and how to form the nail without damaging any delicate skin. That is why it is always recommended to go to the nail salon for your manicure if you are not an expert.