Tips for Perfect Manicure and Pedicure

Hands and feet are the most significant and noticeable attractiveness of the people carrier after the face and hair. Finger nails are an eye catcher par quality. Do not overlook the opportunity to leave a long-term impact. The state of our feet significantly relies upon our mobility. At workplace, in lifestyle and sports, they make effort every day. Given the huge significance of well kept hands and feet, it is necessary to always sustain simply and easily at home with the manicure and pedicure. Here we discuss some tips regarding manicure and pedicure that how you can put attention on your hands and feet manicure and pedicure.

Tips for Perfect Manicure and Pedicure

1. If we would not put attention on our hands and feet then their skin get raptures. Crinkles become visible on hands and feet and the colour of skin also changes. So our hands and feet need an accurate look after if we want to see them healthy.

2. While giving messages and applying masks on your face and neck, you daily need to take care the skin of your hands and feet as well. Wash the skin of your hands and feet and put any skin care lotion or cream after cleaning it. Due to this practice, your hands and feet will become soft and look healthy.

3. Take hot water in bowl or in any other available pot and add some drops of fresh lemon juice and shampoo with some salt. Now dip your hands and feet in it for 10 minutes, after that put cuticle oil or gel on the nails of your hands and feet for softening the skin around them. After 3 minutes, you can cut dead skin around the nails with cuticle pliers and then can give your desired shape to your nails with a Nail File.

4. Rub the heels of your feet with pumice for removing dead skin. Now put olive oil or cream on your hands and feet and give them a message for 10 minutes for making them soft and clean.

5. Wash your hands and feet two times in a day and put cream or lotion to keep them healthier and smooth. Most of the creams and lotions have Vitamin E and C which is good for the skin as well as give nutrition and wetness to your skin.

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Advantages of a Professional Manicure

A beauty treatment which is applied on hands and nails is called manicure. Anyone can perform the process of manicure at home or also visit beauty salon for this purpose. The process generally includes filing, hand massage, shaping of the nails and applying polish on nails, Shellac, Minx or other treatments. It is an easy process which can be performed easily at home with the help of a complete manicure set without paying the nail specialist.

Advantages of a Professional Manicure

This process often gives benefits to you. First of all it makes batter the health and structure of your finger nails and hands. Your hands become smoother and lovely to touch and get secured from fungus or any other kind of virus.

This treatment also enhances the health of the skin because the massage of hands raises the blood circulation which guarantees that the skin is well nurtured. This in turn stops the wrinkles on the skin of your hands; hence it guarantees that you have wonderful and perfect hands. is the best online marketing place where people can find high quality Manicure Sets with attractive prices. We are here in market since ten years and providing our best services regarding healthcare and beauty products of ISO standard. If you are in the search of a professional manicure set, then Manicure4u is the right place for you.

To stop the formation of hang nail, treatment of painful or damaged skin around the nails, stoppage of nail loss and decreasing stress are the other advantages of manicure. All these advantages are assured if the manicure is done expertly.

Special type of manicure sets are used in the professional manicures. The tools for appropriate manicure and improvements can be quite costly and most of the best tools are only available to qualified nail experts. Therefore it is impossible for everyone to have a professional at home.

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However, nail salons are very well furnished and have all the instruments that are needed in this process. They are also operated by expert nail technicians who are professionals in this area and endeavor to provide you the best service according to your requirements. The nail specialist will know how to carefully cut any cuticles and hangnails and how to form the nail without damaging any delicate skin. That is why it is always recommended to go to the nail salon for your manicure if you are not an expert.

The Use of a Manicure Set

A manicure set could be quite helpful for anyone while getting a perfect manicure at home without the cost of a visit to the beauty salon. You may get more awareness about manicure, with all of the instruments that come in a manicure set, than just placing on some nail polish. All of the instruments are made to take care for and polish your nails and groom the skin around nails to make your hands and nails look eye-catching and healthy.

The Use of a Manicure Set

Step 1

Only use your own kit for the process of manicure and do not share it with others. Sharing of tools could be cause of infections and diseases.

Step 2

Thoroughly wash your hands with water and soap before starting of your manicure. Fingernail brush could be used to scrub under your nails.

Step 3

Cut your nails to the preferred length with the nail pliers or manicure scissors. If you have skinny nails, nail scissors are the best for you. Also, trim your nails in the common shape that you want, such as rounded or square, which could make the process of filing your nails easier.

Step 4

Now cuticle stick, a small wooden stick with a flattened end, could be used to push cuticles. You can push back your cuticles towards the finger softly with the flattened end.

Step 5

Cut the hangnails and loose dead skin around the nails with the cuticle pliers or small nail scissors.

Step 6

File your nails with the emery board for getting smooth edges of nails. Then you can use nail buffers on the top of your nails to buff the top layer of nail.

Step 7

Before applying cuticle oil or lotion, you need to wash your hands again for removing the nail dust. And then after putting oil or lotion, make a massage around the nails. Remove any remaining part of cuticle oil or lotion with a tissue or lint-free fabric.

Step 8

Apply a thin layer of clear base coat nail polish on your nails before applying a coloured top layer. Base coat is a compulsory thing for those who wear nail polish regularly. If they do not use a base coat, then nails may turn yellow over time. After applying the base coat, dry it completely and then apply the nail polish.

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How to Protect Your Manicure

After spending your time and money on a manicure, you need to protect it. We would not like to get manicures before learning the techniques to retain it for a long time. Following tips can help you a lot…

How to Protect Your Manicure

  1. A new run of topcoat on alternate days on your manicure will keep the polish from cracking.
  2. In the case of cracked polish, nail buffer is the best thing. Fix a crack by levelling the tattered edges with a buffer. Fill up in the crack with polish. Put a coat on the whole nail after drying it.
  3. Do not use a file on nails after taking bath, when they are too soft. File in the single way only to stop tears.
  4. For obstinate polish that spots, push down the cotton on the nail for numerous seconds before cleaning off. Do not be parsimonious with the nail polish remover. The more cleanser you have on the cotton, the simpler it will be to eliminate.
  5. Wear rubber gloves while cleaning and gardening.
  6. If you experience from dry cuticles, you should require cuticle oil or cream in your bag or on your table at all times. Cuticle oils are generally more efficient than creams.
  7. Are you a nail-biter? If you are, then perform the process of manicure every week for 12 weeks. If you can do it to 12 weeks, you would not chew your nails. It affects all and you will think twice because of the price of getting nails done.

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How to Perform Manicure at Home

Why we use money on every new process of manicure after every few weeks when you can do it yourself at home. People observe your manicure. It’s a reality that you try to keep in mind at all times because if you don’t care you’ll end up with finger nails at five different lengths and a hangnail or two. Below we are providing you all our preferred guidelines and techniques for getting the best manicure at home.

How to Perform Manicure at Home

  1. The best form of nail is not short or long or square, it’s “squoval” — not completely square and not completely oval. Get the look yourself by the filing nails into a form that mirrors the curve of your nail base.
  2. To make sure your nails are the same length after filing, line each nail up with its corresponding.
  3. Do not shake the bottle of nail polish, instead move it between your hands. This combines the polish without causing air bubbles.
  4. Clean the nails before polishing, dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover and run across nails. This will get rid of any extra oils or soap which could be the reason of shedding once polish is applied.
  5. One way for putting nail polish: Take the brush between the thumb and midst finger whereas relaxing your index finger on the top of the cap.
  6. Put skinny layers for getting best results. Start with a skinny layer of basecoat, then put a skinny layer of polish down the middle then one on the left and one on the right. After the first layer gets dry for a few moments, do it again, then comply with a skinny layer of topcoat.
  7. Once your process of manicure is finish, run an orangewood stick immersed in nail polish cleanser along both sides of nail to fix any errors.

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