Get the Perfect Shape of Your Nails

When you need to shape your nails, there may be a question in your mind what best or latest look is. Some females choose square shaped nails and some really like the oval look. If you are really uncertain what looks best on you, take a look at your nails and you will get a good idea. Though any form of nails will work on any lady, if you are in search of a real form, look no other than your nail bed. The half-moon form that you see is known as the lunula.

Get the Perfect Shape of Your Nails

If you find it difficult to see this shape as I do, softly push down at the tip of your nail and you will be able to see it a bit easier. Notice its natural shape and shape the tips of your nails accordingly. Some individuals think that if you don’t follow your lunula while shaping your nails then your nails will be weaker and can break easily.

Whereas I am not sure that I actually accept it as true, as I know that by following the curve of your nail does make your nails look naturally attractive. So the next time you don’t know if you should go square, oval or even a sharper tip, just see your own nail bed and form accordingly.

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Getting Professional Pedicure at Home

Pedicure is a beauty treatment which is performed at feet and toenails for keeping them healthy and gorgeous. If you have a tired feet, pedicure can relieve it. It is a truth that manicure and pedicure is highly observed by people. It is also seen that good manicure and pedicure leave a great impact on mind. If you don’t care about it you will come up with finger and toe nails of different lengths. We have discussed about manicure in our earlier post and now will talk about getting a professional pedicure at home. If we can do it at home then why we visit salons for this purpose?

Getting Professional Pedicure at Home

Tools Required For Pedicure

  • Small Bath Tub
  • Nail Cutters/Pliers
  • Nail File
  • Nail Buffer
  • Foot File
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Massage Lotion
  • Hand Towel
  • Transparent Nail Polish
  • Cotton Pads
  • Finger Brush

Steps for Pedicure

  1. Fill a small bathing tub with warm water, add few drops of shampoo, fresh lemon juice or vinegar and salt. Dip your feet in water for 15 minutes.
  2. Remove old nail polish, if any.
  3. Cut, file and buff your toenails.
  4. File your heels.
  5. Dip your feet in warm water. Also add some fresh lemon juice and oils according to your need if your nails are yellow.
  6. Clean it with soft towel and push back cuticles.
  7. Softly remove dust from each nail.
  8. Massage your feet for 5 to 10 minutes.
  9. Apply coat of your desired nail polish, let it dry, again apply that coat and apply transparent top coat after drying the second coat.
  10. And you will get your perfect pedicure of professional type.

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Tips for Perfect Manicure and Pedicure

Hands and feet are the most significant and noticeable attractiveness of the people carrier after the face and hair. Finger nails are an eye catcher par quality. Do not overlook the opportunity to leave a long-term impact. The state of our feet significantly relies upon our mobility. At workplace, in lifestyle and sports, they make effort every day. Given the huge significance of well kept hands and feet, it is necessary to always sustain simply and easily at home with the manicure and pedicure. Here we discuss some tips regarding manicure and pedicure that how you can put attention on your hands and feet manicure and pedicure.

Tips for Perfect Manicure and Pedicure

1. If we would not put attention on our hands and feet then their skin get raptures. Crinkles become visible on hands and feet and the colour of skin also changes. So our hands and feet need an accurate look after if we want to see them healthy.

2. While giving messages and applying masks on your face and neck, you daily need to take care the skin of your hands and feet as well. Wash the skin of your hands and feet and put any skin care lotion or cream after cleaning it. Due to this practice, your hands and feet will become soft and look healthy.

3. Take hot water in bowl or in any other available pot and add some drops of fresh lemon juice and shampoo with some salt. Now dip your hands and feet in it for 10 minutes, after that put cuticle oil or gel on the nails of your hands and feet for softening the skin around them. After 3 minutes, you can cut dead skin around the nails with cuticle pliers and then can give your desired shape to your nails with a Nail File.

4. Rub the heels of your feet with pumice for removing dead skin. Now put olive oil or cream on your hands and feet and give them a message for 10 minutes for making them soft and clean.

5. Wash your hands and feet two times in a day and put cream or lotion to keep them healthier and smooth. Most of the creams and lotions have Vitamin E and C which is good for the skin as well as give nutrition and wetness to your skin.

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8 Simple Ways of Professional Pedicure by Yourself

A process which is applied on the feet and toenails for beauty purposes is called pedicure. This is a simple process which you can perform yourself easily at your home. You don’t need to go salon and spend much time and money for this purpose. We guide you for getting the perfect pedicure in just eight simple steps.

8 Simple Ways of Professional Pedicure by Yourself

1. Remove Polish

In the beginning, you need to remove the old nail polish from your toenails. You can use cotton balls or cotton pad for removing polish. Lint-free cotton pad is better than cotton balls which can save you from fuzzies. Rub off the old polish with saturated cotton pad. If the color does not detach easily, soaked the cotton completely with polish remover and push it on the toenail for few seconds.

2. Cut and File Nails

Choose high quality clippers for cutting toenails. Cut nails directly across to just above the skin for the prevention of ingrown nails. Ensure that your nail does not expand over the tip of your toe. Use nail file in single way to get a soft square shape until they are smooth and a little bit curved at the sides.

3. Wet Your Feet

Take a large bowl and fill it with hot water. Throw your bath salts in it and dip your feet for 10 minutes. This duration should be increased if you have more cracks and callous on your feet.

4. Remove Cuticles

Apply cuticle remover on the root of each nail and Leave it for sixty seconds. Then softly push cuticles with a pusher in a circular motion all over where skin meets the nail.

5. Scrub Your Feet

Put scrub on a foot file or wet pumice stone for getting smoothness from the dead skin on your feet. You need to clean the balls, base of feet, sides of your heels and area around the toes.

6. Moisturise

Completely dry your feet as well as between the toes and apply a dense moisturiser or foot cream. And then massage your feet and the calves with it.

7. Apply Polish on Toes

Now you need to apply a skinny base coat with 3 swings, one down the center and then one on each end. Do not put the polish on cuticles. Wait for sixty seconds before applying 2 layers of your favorite polish and then finish with a fine top layer. If you feel any extra oil on your nails then you can use acetone remover before applying polish.

8. Finish Your Pedicure

After drying your nails, definitely you can go all out and spray with a moisturising oil. This fixes your polish and moisturises your cuticles.

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