Get Your Ingrown Toenail Out

An ingrown toenail bends toward the inside, so that the brink of the nail enlarges into the skin. Ingrown toenails can lead to inflammation, soreness and a warm feeling in the toe. In serious situations, the nail can split the skin, which can result in bleeding and infection. Even though genetics may be a factor who experiences from ingrown toenails, wound, ill-fitting shoes and trimming the toenails in a curved shape rather than straight across can also play a role in the problem. Ingrown toenails with bad condition may need a surgical treatment, but in less intense situations, a simple home treatment may get the nail out.

Get Your Ingrown Toenail Out

  • Put half cup of Epsom salt into the dish tub. Add sufficient amount of warm water to fill the tub halfway. Spin the water to dissolve the Epsom salt.
  • Dip your affected foot in the tub for no less than twenty minutes, or until the water cools.
  • Dry your foot with the towel. Take care not to annoy the ingrown nail.
  • Carefully massage the fold over the ingrown nail. Use your fingers to softly push the skin away from the nail.
  • Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes or sandals, to stop the problem from getting more intense.
  • Get advice from your physician if the toe reveals symptoms of infection or if you do not see any progress in three days.

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Properly Cut Your Toenails

Trimming toenails can stop them from growing too long, becoming ingrown or causing pain in walking. The ingrown nails curve and grow into the skin, which lead to pain and possible infections. Adopting the right cutting process may help you keep away from the unpleasant feet condition.

Properly Cut Your Toenails

Step 1

Wash the feet and dry them completely before cutting your toenails. The washing will make your nail less weak, easier and far better to cut.

Step 2

Choose the proper tool for the cutting of your toenails, such as nail clippers or manicure scissors. Using other sharp trimming instruments is too risky – for example razor blades, knives or regular scissors – to cut your toenails because the instrument may slide and harm the skin around the nail.

Step 3

Cut the nail straight across. The experts warning against rounding the nail’s ends or trimming the edges at an angle because this can lead the edges to grow toward your skin and become ingrown.

Step 4

Trim the toenails to the appropriate length. Trimming the nail so the corner gets to the tip of your toe. When you move around wearing shoes, toenails that you have cut too short may curl down and grow into the skin.

Step 5

Remove any rough sides that might catch and split the nail as it grows. The experts suggest filing your cut nails with an emery board or nail file to smooth them.


Keep away from picking your nails instead of cutting them with the proper cutting tools. Ripping nails can produce irregular sides and lead nails to become ingrown. Discuss with your doctor or podiatrist if you see any minor injuries or irregularities with your feet while cutting your nails, especially if you are a patient of diabetes.


Ask your doctor, health professional or a podiatrist to help you cut your nails if you cannot see well, especially if you have a health issue, such as diabetic issues. The patients of diabetes must keep away from ingrown nails and slight foot injuries that can develop into ulcers and turn into more serious wellness issues. Stop nail and fungal infections by keeping your tools sanitary. You should always keep away from sharing your pedicure tools with other people.

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