10 Common Misconceptions about Hair

Whether you have got long hair or a stylish pixie, most likely you have your own exclusive hair challenges, maybe it’s a strange cowlick or disorderly curls. In any case, splitting hair misconceptions from facts will help you focus on things that will really help your hair grow more healthy and look better. Here, misconceptions about your hair, and how you can use the fact to your (beautiful) advantage.

10 Common Misconceptions about Hair

1. Frequently Hair Cutting Makes Growth Fast

Cutting of your locks does not have any concern with their growth. The growth of hair concerns with the scalp. But professionals recommend cutting your hair every six to eight weeks. Because locks look thinner due to fray ends, which could be the cause of breakage. So when you trim them, your locks seem to be bigger.

2. Plucking of Gray Hair Results More Gray

It looks real because one gray hair generally means more gray hair. Most likely this misconception began because people pulled out one gray hair and then observed more gray hair after that. Sorry to be the bearers of bad information, we don’t know that more gray lengths would have appeared due to which issue. So you cannot put blame on plucking by yourself.

3. Shampooing Makes Your Hair Shed

Do not put blame on shower: If you have a problem of hair fall during shower, it will simply drop out somewhere else, although somewhere less recognizable. This is the biggest misconception which we notice. Usually people lose locks in the bath, so they affiliate cleaning with losing. The issue is, if you cut back on cleaning in an attempt to spare your locks, you can really exacerbate the issue. Oil accumulation can cause swelling, which inhibits the growth of hair.

4. The More You Brush, The Healthier Your Hair

If you have ever moaned at the concept of brushing your hair 100 times a day, you will like this one: there is no value in brushing your locks more than you already do. Actually, extreme use of brush may do more harm than excellent. It can harm your hair’s follicle (That is your hair’s external, safety layer). Brush your locks only when it is required, not otherwise.

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5. Color-Treated Hair Is Unhealthy

No doubt colouring is one of the most severe things you can do to your hair, but not all kinds of colouring should have a bad repute. Eliminating shade from the hair makes each string thinner and more vulnerable to damage. But colouring really plumps up your lengths, making your hair look thicker.

6. Hair Dyeing Is Prohibited In Pregnancy

The major problem with colouring hair during pregnancy is the threat linked with breathing in ammonia, not the chance of it being consumed into your scalp. But the stages of ammonia are so low that it is not an issue, particularly if you go to a salon, which will have industrial strength freshening.

7. Right Products Can Make Hair Thicker

The most common perception about the hairs which look healthy is that it’s all about exterior aspects like the weather or the products you use. But your eatable goods affect your locks more than you think. It takes your whole body a lot of power to develop locks. It needs nutritional value. That indicates if you are on a limited diet, your whole body would not be able to devote power to your locks, since it’ll be too active concerning about your important body parts.

Ensure that you are getting enough carbohydrates, proteins, and healthier body fat, and put more focus on zinc, iron, and vitamin D. They are important natural vitamins for the development of hair, and huge number of women are lacking. Discuss with your physician about a supplement if your stages are low, particularly if you do not eat red meat (which is full of iron).

8. Switching Shampoos Is Good For Hair

It is excellent to change shampoos, if you like different results (one is anti-dandruff, one is volumizing, and so on), but it is entirely good to use the same shampoo whenever you wash. As for that my locks look so excellent with this new shampoo feeling? Most likely you just like the novelty: Shampoos do have dissimilar results, but it is not necessary to change unless you want something new.

9. Wearing Hats Can Cause Hair Loss

It is considered that hats cut off flow to the scalp, which is the reason of hair loss. But it is just a story of old wives. Hair loss is due to genes, and is turned on by things like high androgenic hormone or testosterone and stress. Most likely people just observed locks in their hats and made the incorrect relationship. That does not mean you’ll need to cover up under your hat if you see the first symptoms of hair loss.

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10. You Should Towel-Dry Your Hair

Like most people, if you quit the shower, instantly reach for a towel, and start massaging your locks intensely. You should have to stop it. Towel drying is rough on your locks, and can enhance damage. In its place, carefully press your locks with a soft towel, and then comb it with a wide-toothed comb to remove additional water.

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