The Usage of Corn Cutters

Corn Cutter or Corn Plane is a very common beauty product which is used to remove corn and calluses. Almost all the beauticians and cosmetologists use it in the process of pedicure in the salons. It has a blade end and handle. Its handle could be of stainless steel or plastic, both kinds are available in the market. The corn cutters with stainless steel handle are much better than the cutters of plastic handle because they are not affected even with harder corns and calluses. They have solid grasp to remove harder corns and thick calluses. So experts normally use stainless steel cutters instead of plastic.

The Usage of Corn Cutters

Its use is very easy. First of all make softer the place to be handled by soaking in hot water. Dry it completely. Hold the outer side of trimmer against corn or callus and softly slide across, removing skinny layers at once. Do not struggle to eliminate corn or callus all at a time. It may be harmful for fundamental tissues, do not cut off live skin. The patients of diabetes and hemophilia should not use this item because of chance of bleeding and infection.

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