The Usage of Manicure Scissors

Manicure scissors are an important instrument for any manicurist. Its use makes your manicure fast, easy and secure. You will find that manicure scissors are used for different tasks in the process of a manicure.

Cut Your Nails

Cut your fingernails with the help of manicure scissors. Cutting of nails with scissors is a modern and better way than the old fashioned clipping method. It could be a difficult process to clean nail clippers and cutters because they have a tendency to harbour viruses. It is quite difficult to see what you are doing while using nail clippers and you don’t have any idea exactly how far down you are cutting, making painful fingers a more likely happening.

The Usage of Manicure Scissors

Trim Hangnails

The most common use of manicure scissors is to trim hangnails around the fingertips. These tiny parts of dead skin make hands look untidy. They can also get pulled down in to areas of live skin, causing pain and infection. Use manicure scissors in a cautiously way to cut away these pieces of dry skin and leave your hands looking very neat and clean.

Intended Use

Make sure the use of manicure scissors is only as intended. These could not be used for other purposes in a manicure process. If you use these scissors in cutting other household items then these could be dull or rough. This results in tattered cuts of the fingernail and can harm and cause infection in skin.

Clean after Use

You need to clean your manicure scissors each time after using them. Grasp them under some warm water and wash completely with a small amount of anti-bacterial detergent. Dry them completely before keeping them away from rusting.

Never Share with Others

Manicure scissors or any other pieces of your manicure kit should be in your personal use only, never share these with others. Bacteria and other viruses could spread due to sharing, which could lead infection into your fingers and nails. If you live with others who also have their own manicure kits, consider marking yours to keep things distinct.

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