The Use of a Manicure Set

A manicure set could be quite helpful for anyone while getting a perfect manicure at home without the cost of a visit to the beauty salon. You may get more awareness about manicure, with all of the instruments that come in a manicure set, than just placing on some nail polish. All of the instruments are made to take care for and polish your nails and groom the skin around nails to make your hands and nails look eye-catching and healthy.

The Use of a Manicure Set

Step 1

Only use your own kit for the process of manicure and do not share it with others. Sharing of tools could be cause of infections and diseases.

Step 2

Thoroughly wash your hands with water and soap before starting of your manicure. Fingernail brush could be used to scrub under your nails.

Step 3

Cut your nails to the preferred length with the nail pliers or manicure scissors. If you have skinny nails, nail scissors are the best for you. Also, trim your nails in the common shape that you want, such as rounded or square, which could make the process of filing your nails easier.

Step 4

Now cuticle stick, a small wooden stick with a flattened end, could be used to push cuticles. You can push back your cuticles towards the finger softly with the flattened end.

Step 5

Cut the hangnails and loose dead skin around the nails with the cuticle pliers or small nail scissors.

Step 6

File your nails with the emery board for getting smooth edges of nails. Then you can use nail buffers on the top of your nails to buff the top layer of nail.

Step 7

Before applying cuticle oil or lotion, you need to wash your hands again for removing the nail dust. And then after putting oil or lotion, make a massage around the nails. Remove any remaining part of cuticle oil or lotion with a tissue or lint-free fabric.

Step 8

Apply a thin layer of clear base coat nail polish on your nails before applying a coloured top layer. Base coat is a compulsory thing for those who wear nail polish regularly. If they do not use a base coat, then nails may turn yellow over time. After applying the base coat, dry it completely and then apply the nail polish.

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