Women Haircuts for Thick Hair

Instead of fight your naturally thick hair type, acquire a knowledge of loving your hair and discover a style that suits with your lifestyle and your hair. Thick hair can be a God’s gift to someone, as it can support to various styles. Different forms and waves perform magnificently with thick hair, and long tresses pack plenty of volume.

A skilled beautician can assist you in the discovery of the best cut for your thick hair that will also be according to your facial shape. Your hair can look well controlled and impressive when the best hairstyle for thick hair is applied. Following are some best cuts for women with thick hair.


Pixie haircuts are a great choice for women with thick hair who lead active way of life. If the attributes of your face are modest and delicate, you will love a chiseled crop that reveals your thick and healthy hair. Styling creams and molding pastes give forming control.

Women Haircuts for Thick Hair

Mid-Length Bob

A mid-length bob is a typical and advanced choice for thick hair. If you have a narrow face, shoot for the jaw line and draw attention to your cheekbones. If you have round and soft face, a shoulder-length bob is a perfect choice. The cut is light and has a large amount of hair on the sides. Also, the bob indicates that the style is not a time consuming process. A boar bristle round brush, and a quality blow dryer, along with a smoothing serum will assist curve your hair while adding gloss.

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Long Layers

Before you feel lengthy locks are just too heavy for your thick tresses, think about long layers. Longer layers look best on locks that is shoulder length and longer. Layers can start at the chin to highlight the attributes of face. Adding layers will assist add dimension to your cut while eliminating undesirable volume and providing shape. Straightening rods, hair dryers and special tools like round brushes and styling creams will assist in adding shine and separating to long layered cuts.

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Styling Considerations for Women’s Cuts

Adding Waves

While numerous females with thick hair were also born with natural curl, others find adding structure is very difficult without the weight of their hair stretching out their waves. If you wish for adding some bounce in your thick hair, a perm or body wave is the best choice. A body wave should be combined with layers to create a great number of flowing locks. This substitute can assist in reducing the time of style while including much needed lift at the origins.

Considerations for Bangs

Women with wavy and very curly and thick hair, should continue to get bangs with care. Bangs on these locks types never seem to lay properly. When wearing the locks straight, you may take more time flattening and taming frizz than experiencing the edgy look of bangs. Long, face-framing layers are a more sensible choice that will assist in weight supporting. A side swept bang is the right choice if you must choose for a forehead framing shape.

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If you have proper haircutting scissors along with basic know-how of cutting hair, then you can cut your own hair at home between salon visits and can save your precious time and money. If you have a simple haircut then you never need to visit salon, all you can do at home easily with right tools. You just need high quality Hairdressing Scissors and a comb for this purpose.

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